Sunday Reflections

The pursuit of God, with sincere devotion, should mature you. This maturity ought then to be seen illuminating all areas of your life. Not that perfection is expected, but you ought to be able to caution yourself when you’ve done wrong, and seek the retribution required to regain a harmonious spiritual balance and continue operating in good faith with God.

We need to teach and encourage independence in people’s pursuit of a relationship with God. It is not about the church – the church is a community, and we have seen many a community rise & fall! It is not about the person who is leading, and is now backsliding – that person is as human as you are! We need to get more confident in pursuing and developing our spirituality as individuals, and to stop solely relaying on the church and biblical scholars for spiritual growth. To pursue God with intention & effort that is self-motivated, in our own time and at our own pace. Operating at your own pace does not equate staying stagnant with the same minimalistic efforts you began with. We are all busy, all distracted! But the ability to repeatedly return to a practice you consider important, that is discipline! A fruit of the holy spirit, that God so asks us to conduct ourselves by!

Do not leave such an important matter solely to the care & guidance of a broken world, for you take the risk of being engulfed in the circular chaos of religious controversies & opinions. The church is there to inspire, to create a place of praise & worship, community and guidance. An individual’s relationship with God, is a personal  responsibility. Thus we ought to stop using the shortcomings of churches, pastors and other spiritual leaders as an excuse to why people’s faith in God is failing. It is the poorest of excuses I’ve come across yet. Spiritual growth does not equate a church, but if you have a church you attend, more blessings to you!

Don’t live a spiritually defeated life, get your eyes off yourself! Growing in God is not about forced intentions, it’s about creating habits and finding a natural flow that allows you to keep God & his teachings at the center of everything you do. Many people don’t realize that the principles they wish to strengthen in themselves, are the very same principles taught in the bible. To live a balanced life of acceptance & understanding of ourself and others.  To do away with reflex responses to unpleasant situations. Not to allow our action to depend upon the actions & reflections of others. To learn the good management of bad situations. To lead with grace, integrity & dignity. To mirror the purest of heart “Jesus”; and to be an example of how God blesses those who conduct themselves within the parameters of these principles & caution themselves to be God-fearing. Because as much as it is by faith that we love & believe in Him; it is also by faith that we should fear Him in all his capacity!


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